Links of the week.

I can’t believe that another week have gone by already. Next week is easter, which means that I started using fountain pens exactly three years ago.

  • Pen Pursuit: Maintaninance of your beloved Lamy 2000. Excellent article about how to maintain your Lamy 2000. I love Lamy for many reasons. Fantastic nibs, excellent customer service and impeccable design are three of them. The Lamy 2000’s design is a piece of art. It looks like nothing else, and works more or less perfectly. The genius in all of this is that they have managed to combine a durable design that can’t be disassembled(which is always a good thing for durability; fewer moving parts), while at the same time being able to disassemble what you need to; the nib, to for example grease up the piston, or clean the nib).
  • The Pen Addict: A different kind of rabbit hole. I’ve been quiet about the pencil thing for a while now. Here is the thing: I don’t get it. I have tried so many different pens over the years, and I don’t like it. I don’t like how it feels to write with pencils; both the mechanical, regular and those weird rotating ones). Having to sharpen it drove me nuts. And most of all: I don’t like how it looks. Can someone please explain why pencils are awesome? Because I don’t get it.
  • My pen needs ink: TWSBI Eco Review. I loved this review, and I couldn’t agree more. The Eco is a fantastic pen, and it is the perfect beginner pen. It could be someone’s first pen, but I’m not if that many people will do that. I suspect many pick it as their second pen. The reason is: you need to buy ink in a bottle.